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Welcoming Statement

We at Shalom Community Church strive to fulfill a vision of shalom, to embody the love, compassion and justice of Jesus in our personal and community journeys. Without exception, all who share this vision are welcome to participate in the full life of the church. We value the creative tension and the strength that result from sharing differences in beliefs within the community and we are committed to pilgrimage peacefully, simply, together.

The Samaritan Woman - A Love Story

Paul Versluis

This week we hear the story of the Samaritan women.  Perhaps the author's intention was to contrast Nicodemus in chapter 3, and the Samaritan women in chapter 4, showing varied responses to Jesus.  Nicodemus came to visit Jesus at night, the woman visits with Jesus at high noon.  The man Nicodemus is successful, upright and powerful, while the women is insignificant, powerless and presented as unclean.  She is given no name, she comes to the well alone, everyone knows she has had five husbands.  Read more

A Rhetorical Wander Through the Common Good

Don Thackrey

I am a Christian and take Matthew 25 to heart, but I am also a student of English rhetoric, fascinated by words and phrases—how they come about and how they interact with those who use them.

After a bit of reflecting, I found myself with some misgivings about how the phrase “the common good” was used recently.  I decided to invite you to wander with me down a path observing complications in, and raising questions about, the phrase “the common good.”  Read more